Top 5 Gift Ideas For People Who Love Fall

By Lyn Chen

Ohh, Autumn.

 It’s the season that’s warm enough for a nice walk in the park to watch the leaves change from green to gold, or chilly enough to act as the perfect excuse to snuggle up inside and watch Netflix or Youtube.

This season is also a time to be appreciative of the wonderful people in your life, whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving. 

Here are some of the top 5 unique gifts that your friends will “fall” in love with!


Treat someone you love to a fall-themed experience 

Some people prefer experiences over material gifts to celebrate fall, there are usually local events in each city like pumpkin-carving, pumpkin patches, corn mazes or maybe even a spooktacular haunted house like the ones in NYC! Other cool experiences can include getting them pre-paid tickets to a movie or to a fall-themed lunch or theme park (have you seen “Joker” yet? Truly a Halloween-worthy masterpiece). Besides Halloween, there are so many other experiences to enjoy during Autumn. Try to think outside of the box and customize the experience to the person you have in mind. 

If you or your gift recipient is a US resident, I would highly recommend an Airbnb Gift Card to enjoy an array of Airbnb experiences or If you’re gifting in other parts of the World, Groupon is always a fun space to search for great events.


Buy your friend a fall wedding gift! 

It’s wedding season! According to The Knot’s 2016 Statistics, September and October are the most popular times for wedding ceremonies. Chances are, you’ll be invited to one too many weddings this season. In case you can’t make it for their big day because they’re far away or you have conflicting plans, it’s always nice to send over a gift to show your appreciation for the invite. 

Sure, you can order them something that comes in an Amazon delivery box, but it would be so much more personal to present it to them in a beautiful way. You could gift them something useful that they’ve listed on their gift registry or ask Giftpack for advice. Since Giftpack has a gifting consulting service, you can ask for help in choosing the perfect gift and have it delivered in a customized way all in one-stop.  


Send them an eco-friendly, high-tech travel mug 

Coffee or tea? Cold or hot? The ultimate choice is theirs when you purchase a long-lasting travel mug for their everyday use. This is a great gift for a boss or maybe co-worker or your hipster designer friend who moved away to Barcelona. I recommend the one from Ember that you might see out on-display in all its glory during the colder months at the Starbucks check-out counter. It comes in two basic colors, white or black and are especially good for keeping your hot drinks hot! From the many reviews, it seems that people really enjoy the little 8-bit digital messages like “good morning” and “hello” when you use the mug. The only downside seems to be the short battery life, however, this is not too big of an issue if it’s used during the typical morning commute. 

In addition, a cool mug like this is generally accepted at many coffee shops as an environmentally-friendly alternative to the regular paper cups.


Deliver a Pumpkin Spice Latte or other fall-themed treats 

If you’re on a budget or know your gift recipient would rather food than anything else, why not try sending a latte or fall-themed treats? It might take a little bit of work, but I’d recommend finding a local bakery or coffee shop. Some shops do delivery or if you know it’s your gift recipient’s favorite spot - why not pre-pay for the price of their coffee when they walk-in? In case they don’t do delivery or you’re busy, you can ask a company like Giftpack to coordinate a gift like this for you. 


Keep them warm this fall with a brand new coat or scarf 

Help your gift recipient stay warm this fall season with a stylish new trench coat, or perhaps a nice warm scarf. The great thing about these choices is that it can be more generic in-terms of sizing. Plus, the trick is to get a gift receipt from the store in case they’re looking for a better fit. Although returning things might seem like a hassle, it is definitely better to pick something out yourself than to simply give a gift card. It shows a lot of care and thought on your part for getting something of that size and presence. Plus, it’s perfect for all genders and ages (your niece can use a new coat too!)

A department store like Macy’s or something similar in the recipient’s area is a good place to look for something nice but not out of budget. Plus, in case your gift isn’t their exact cup of tea, they have the option to pick something else up. 


I hope this article gave you a little inspiration to show someone you appreciate them this fall season. In case doing all this seems like a lot of work, ask Giftpack’s gifting assistant team to help you plan a gift from start to finish here. 

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