Fun and Unique Gifts for 4 Personalities

By Mary Vogt

The world is filled with unique personalities (sixteen, to be exact) but we broke it down to just four and found gifts for nerds, party planners, sports fanatics, and those who are a bit of a mystery. So, without further or due, here’s a little inspiration to help kickstart your Great Gift Search. 

 For the Nerd

If you know someone who is basically a real-life Napoleon Dynamite, they will surely geek out over these items.

  1. Pop Culture Figurine 


Chances are, the nerd in your life loves comic books, movies, or TV. Funko! Pop Figures are the perfect gift for them, and several collectors’ figures are released every year of characters ranging from Dr. Who to Harry Potter. So, there’s a Pop Figure  for everyone!

2. Levitating Moon Lamp


If your friend or family member is a fan of lava lamps, they are sure to love a Levitating Moon Lamp from Leviluna. It features 3D printed moon shade hovers above a wooden base, setting the mood for any room. This is the perfect gift for the space affeciando in your life. 

3. 3D Model Kit 


Most nerds enjoy doing things with their hands, so what better gift to get them than a fun 3D model kit? This is an acitivity you can both do, or let them geek out and do it themselves. We highly recommend the 3D models from dodoland

For the Host 

Party planning is in your friend’s blood, and these are some practical gifts to help your hostess with the mostess throw the party of the season. 

  1. Instant drink cubes 


Any great host offers her guests a drink. So, they are sure to appreciate some instant drink cubes from Teaspressa. You simply drop one of these guys into an alcohol of choice, and a cocktail is made! It’s pretty entertaining to watch, too. 

2. Boom Brick


A great host must also have some quality tunes playing for their guests, and the Boom Brick is their best friend. You just lay your phone on the speaker, and the music will naturally amplify. No need for bluetooth pairing or annoying cords! 

3. Smartphone photo printer


The Kiipix by Tomy is the perfect sidekick for any host. You just simply attach your smartphone to the device, and memorable moments are printed instantly in the form of polaroid photos. No wifi or batteries required! 

For the Sports lover

These gifts are a home run to a sports fan’s heart. 

  1. Mug With A Hoop


The Mug With A Hoop from Max’is Creations is sure to give any sports fan a laugh. This gift is especially great for kids who tend to play with their food. However, we won’t judge if you’re an adult and want this. 

2. Cool bottle opener 


It goes without saying that most sports fans love nothing more than to kick back with a cold brew and watch a game. Obviously, they need something to help them open their beer, so why not give them a funky bottle opener?

3. Ticket stub diary 


A ticket stub diary is the perfect gift for a sports fan as it allows them to look back at all of the games they have attended, and the memories associated with those games. They will cherish it forever. 

For the Mysterious

Because sometimes, you just don’t know what to gift. 

  1. Zodiac Perfume 

Everyone likes to smell good, so a fragrance that is tailor-made to your recipient’s personal zodiac sign is sure to please. Also, how cool is it that you can now smell like your sign? 

2. Reusable straws


The reusable straw craze is bigger than ever, and is a great present for anyone because most everyone uses a straw. Especially for those who are a little more eco-conscious. We recommend the silicone straws from Food 52, as they are BPA-free and come with their very own carrying case and cleaner. 

3. Gifting Assistant 

If you don’t know your recipient particularly well, or you are at a complete loss as to what you should give your person; our Gifting Assistant is always a great option! Just be sure to tell us your budget, your recipient’s personality, your relationship to your recipient, and we will handle the rest!

Obviously, this gift guide does not cover every single type of personality out there. So, please sound off, and send us a message letting us know who we left out! We will cover them in future guides. In the meantime, we hope this guide has provided you with some inspiration.