Last Minute Gift Ideas for Her

By Mary Vogt

If you are on-the-go non-stop, you most likely don’t have time to buy a gift. However, the leading lady in your life has a birthday soon, and deserves to receive a present that’s half as wonderful as her. Here are some ideas as to what she may like. 

  1. Subscription service


Whether she’s a beauty guru, a fashionista, a cook, or a bookworm; there is sure to be a subscription service for her. Each month, she will receive a box full of goodies to enjoy. With this gift, you are sure to leave a smile on her face.

2. Something scented


Women love good smelling things, especially in sugary, fruity, and floral scents. Get her a candle or perfume, and she will love you forever. The great part about this gift is that it can be found at practically any store! So, you don’t have to go on a wild goose chase to find it.

3. Gifting assistant


If you don’t have the time to shop for a gift, or if your lady is fairly new to your life; try the Gifting Assistant. You provide us with some basic information like your budget and relationship to the recipient, and we will take it from there. It’s crazy easy! Try it here.

4. Sweets, sweets, and more sweets


Women don’t just like things that smell sweet; they like things that taste sweet, too. Which is why you can’t go wrong with buying her candies or chocolate. We highly recommend the truffles from Valrhona and lollipops from Amborella Organics.  

5. A framed picture


This gift is not only incredibly thoughtful, but it costs next to nothing to put together. Just find a favorite picture of you and your lady, and place it inside a cute frame. Hello, anniversary gift!

6. Long-lasting flowers

Flowers are thought to be a lazy gift, not to mention the fact that they die not long after they are received. There is no need to worry about this anymore with Rose Box. Rose Box roses are preserved, so they can last up to one year. Also, they can be at her door the same day!

7. Her favorite flick


There is something incredibly romantic and special about giving a hard copy of a movie. Choose a DVD like Breakfast At Tiffany’s, cuddle up on the couch with a bunch of blankets, grab some snacks, and enjoy her favorite film together. 

8. Anything soft

Girls love soft things because, well, they are comforting and nice to touch. So, give her a nice blanket or a pair of fuzzy socks and watch the relaxation wash over her face. She will thank you endlessly.

9. Something that says “female power”


Women are powerful, and deserve to be celebrated every day for their strength and resilience. A feminist-themed gift is the perfect way to show your appreciation for the leading lady in your life. 

10. Purse organizer


You haven’t truly seen a woman at her worst until you have witnessed her rifle through her purse in search of something important. Get her a purse organizer so you don’t have to see her act like a ravaging lioness again. 

We hope this guide has provided you with some quick and easy gift ideas for the women in your life. Now go, quick! Before the store closes!